AA (and an O) for Everyone

ImageAffinity, ability, and opportunity. The job these past few weeks was to exhaust these three ideas into ridiculousness and filter them down to what they all have in common. The middle of the graph is where we will inevitably find our next creative endeavor.

This is something anyone can do, and I suggest you give it a shot. You might end up like I did – after a few weeks of filtering it through different pages in your sketchbook, you might come to some weird revelation.

After really considering who I was as an artist/a human being, I came to some conclusions:


In all seriousness, I really did boil all my points down into about three key, connected points.

One of the points I couldn’t ignore in my affinity corner was my love for music, especially local music. I spent a chunk of my teen years going to shows and loving every minute of it. I have had (and continue to have) the ability to lend my illustration/motion talents to bands through gig poster creation/lyric video opportunities (basically, how I learned Flash). I made a cartoon using a song from a local band – and with that short, I was able to connect with another artist with similar tastes who said that they were willing to collaborate and promote my work if I helped make him a banner. Simple examples, but opportunity none the less.

I have a huge affinity for cartoons. I was raised on classics such as Looney Tunes and Ren and Stimpy. I had a serious affinity for 90’s Nicktoons and enjoyed a steady diet of them until my family got more channels on our television. Today, I like almost anything I can catch on TV as well as all the wonderful stuff I can surf to on the internet (God bless Catbug). My love of cartoons translates into my ability to be good at creating, telling, and recognizing good stories – even becoming my own cartoon-y character. Before I was in animation, a friend said, “those animation majors – they walk down the hallway talking to each other in funny voices” – and all I could think was, “I feel like I would fit in with those people.” Switching to animation led me to getting better at telling stories which ultimately led to working on shorts with my friend who recently graduated. Now I have the ability to work on fast-turnaround web-cartoons as well as have a focused outlet for my own cartoons.

Last but not least, I have this strange affinity of all things small-town. Being from a small town, learning the base of my morals and disciplines from marching band season, etc. – I feel like I gained this odd-to-explain way of connecting to people. The small-town girl in me likes to be involved, and this involvement helped me have the ability to communicate and embrace the community of CCAD. Through joining/helping lead a student group, becoming an orientation leader, and just “being there”, I have found myself happy as can be senior year. For example, I finished a project this summer which gave me the opportunity to have reimbursement for festival submissions. I also found an extremely solid group of passionate people who want to go to California together – not only next month for CTNX, but also next summer to split rent with. The fact is: I can call people like this my friends – and in a way, members of my family; I couldn’t be more thankful for having found them.

kitty3So what’s in the middle of my circle graph?

Being a happy artist and making the most of where I am at right now.

Basically – I am going to stop typing and get going. There’s work to do!

I also have to take a second to thank anyone who has contributed to helping me out on making this circle graph easier to envision.

Shawnda, John, Jason, Colin, Debbie. Jake, Christian, Chris, Joey, Austin, Matt, John, Codee, Jerod. Patrick, Tara, Ian. Betsy, Hayley, Casey, Cheyanna, Berlynn, Taylor, Sean, Billy, Alex, Alex, Tyler, Tyler. Tanya, Tammy, Mary, Lynne. Theresa, Ryun, Andrea, Jamie, Connor, Josh, Ezra, Grace, Rico, Don, Jeff, Jacob, Jon. Bob, Bruce, Mark, Joe, Joe, Anne, Andy, Tom, Mark, Charlotte, Chris, Matthew, Steven, Jason, and Timmy. Thank you for making this blog easier to write.

Who has made an impact on your life?


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