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Social Media Fluff

The two social media mediums I chose to explore more deeply this semester are Twitter and Instagram. I am super interested in beginning to follow animators and artists with similar niches on Twitter (something I have started doing over the past month) as well as Instagram. I occasionally get new artist-people following me on these platforms, and I usually notice them when I apply appropriate hash-tags to my posts (especially on Instagram). I want to really utilize the power of following the right kinds of people and using the right kinds of hash-tags (as well as playing with the ideas of what a hash-tag is).

I am currently 2000 some tweets deep on Twitter. My favorite part of Twitter is that I feel like I can easily dispense and share small tidbits of thought. As an artist, I am always thinking of something clever that I wish I could tell someone, but will more than likely forget about (something that usually isn’t as clever as I think it is, but still). The way people represent themselves on social media platforms is a direct conversation about who they are – and I like to think of my Twitter as not just a place where I retweet other social media posts, but also where I can let my humor show through – something that makes me human. I also can show bits of my life that people can relate to – whether it be the music I am listening to, where I am at, what is up, what I’m thinking, even a retweet from a friend – just lots of little ways to sell myself as the character that I am.

I think it’s important to remind my audience that I AM a character – a quite unique one, at that – not just someone who draws them!

This idea of shameless celebration of MY character brings me to the reason my second choice of social media to explore is Instagram. This summer, I started a steady, somewhat consistent few weeks where I would do “Selfie-Sundays” to mock the one of the most popular (and obnoxious) hash-tags on Instagram. I would draw myself looking ridiculous in different styles. I think it would a really great exercise to do a quick self-portrait each Sunday – this would force me to not only keep posting content, but to keep showing chunks of my personality to my audience.

Another branch of this idea would be to do “Throwback-Thursday”,”Man Crush Monday” and “Woman Crush Wednesday” posts to mock the popular indulgent hashtags of Instagram.

Another idea I have to flex my own personal character muscles would be to draw random, abstract, strange, nameless, different quirky characters (which I have drawn here and there throughout my life) and post them consistently – that way I can get the chance of becoming “that girl who makes those weirdo creatures all the time”. This is something easier to stay consistent with, and what I already have been doing, in the world of Instagram.

Also – I am very interested in using these platforms to show the process on my thesis project. I would like to lead up to next semester, where I would post a picture of an alien almost every day in order to play up the concept of the short (and how there are 1000 aliens to destroy)! I have put lots of thought into how I could fluff up momentum for my thesis, and this is a great way to start the gears turning in my favor.


A Response to Linchpin

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 11.24.27 AM“Linchpin” is a compelling piece of work by Seth Godin. Our professor suggested getting the audiobook version so that we could listen to it while we worked. This in itself was a novel idea I was surprised I’d never tried, being such a podcast fan. I ordered it the very next day.

Some people might have instantly downloaded it, but I thought: “Golly, if I had the CD version, I could let my classmates and friends who are interested borrow it”.

I was trying to think in what could be a “linchpin” mindset before actually reading Linchpin. Also, I am a sucker for the tangible-ness that is a CD, a book – something to hold.

Weeks passed. I checked the mail every day, received all of my other class books – still no Linchpin. Faithful to my purchase, I checked my mail until the day before it was supposed to be finished. Nothing. I used Download Helper on Firefox to download a YouTube rip of the audio version. I had no time to loose.

One of the biggest concepts that stuck with me was the idea of being an artist. Being a senior in art college is just as fun as it is extremely daunting – with the clock seemingly racing us to push out cover letters, resumes, and portfolios so that we can get a job and make something of our degree. I have seen it happen more frequently than ever in my time at this school that there is a dangerous disconnect between focusing on “getting the job” and “being the artist”.

One of Seth Godin’s moments that I had to jot down while listening was, “Art is anything that’s creative, passionate, and emotional.” The quote reminded me of another favorite – one I would say that I live by, and always think of, from one of Chuck Palahniuk’s novels, Diary: “Everything you do is a self-portrait.” If these two quotes are true, I suppose me trying to get a tangible, inspirational, and informative item I could share with my friends in and outside of the class says a lot about me.

When you put love into the work that you do, and when you know it’s what you would rather be doing over anything else – that is when you create things you can genuinely stand by. I believe that it is those moments when you are capable of showing the most true form of yourself. Linchpin was a further iteration of that feeling: do what you love, and the money will follow. I always try and remember to come back to the reason I came to art school in the first place: I love making things. Telling stories. I have been told I’m not half bad at it.

This year is going to be about having faith in the inner artist in myself and in others. By honing that, according to this novel, I can surely become an indispensable team player.

The audiobook finally arrived in my mailbox this week. Hallelujah.

Career Amplifier List

Awesome places to be featured and find more featured artists:

Cartoon Brew
Cartoon Central on Channel Frederator
Loop de Loop challenge
Short of the Week
Eat Sleep Draw

So far I have had sketches posted on a GoMedia blog, my Hardcow animation reblogged and talked about on this animation spotlight Tumblr as well as a featured spot in CCAD’s Animation blog!

Internship List


  • Portland, Oregon.
  • Have passion.
  • Conceive & execute traditional and digital storyboards.
  • Create thumbnails. Understand boarding process start to finish.
  • Good communication skills. Problem solving skills.
  • Be able to work in a team and meet deadlines confidently.

Warner Brothers

  • Burbank, California.
  • Assists production manager.
  • Assembles artwork in Photoshop for overseas.
  • Photocopies, distributes scripts and production things.
  • Prepares storyboards for animatics.


  • Website building.
  • Storyboard.
  • Clip Art.
  • Animation background is a plus.

Cartoon Network

  • Strong academic record.
  • At least sophomore staying in college incoming year.
  • Motivated.
  • Online research on trending.
  • Organize sambles.
  • Pull models.
  • Have the ability to convert media.
  • Participate in several workshops.
  • “An everything internship”.

Comedy Animation Development Internship

  • Provide coverage for scripts, books, etc.
  • Animatics.
  • Review boards.
  • Research talents and projects.
  • Work prints of current shows and projects.
  • Production development.
  • Experience with Final Draft and Microsoft Office.
  • Self-motivated, good attitude.

Storyboard Artist

  • Tell a good story.
  • Film literacy.
  • Layout understanding.
  • Work independently and on a team.
  • Communication and presentation skills.
  • Basic computer literacy.
  • Relevant software familiarity.

Blue Sky

  • Develop ability to depict action/comedy through expressive drawing.
  • Develop ability to stage and maintain visual continuity.
  • Character development, provide editorial fixes and sequence clean-up.
  • Gain exposure to production pipeline and learn how story interacts with other departments.
  • Drawing skills.
  • Demonstrated ability in storytelling.
  • Enthusiasm with collaborating.
  • Junior/Senior in college or have graduated int eh past 9 months.
  • Mail cover letter, resume, two letters of recommendation from faculty, a printed portfolio, and complete the story test on the website.